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Where are the Nature's Domain™ Pet Foods made?

Nature's Domain™ is made by Diamond Pet Foods in four company owned manufacturing facilities, all in the United States. Two are located in California, one in Missouri and one in South Carolina.

Where do the ingredients come from?

Most of the ingredients originate in the United States. There are critical ingredients that are not available domestically in an adequate supply and with as much quality as our international supply. We do purchase some ingredients from foreign suppliers such as potato protein from Germany and dried chicory root from Belgium. 

Ingredients are tested prior to being accepted in our manufacturing facilities. The tests vary depending on the ingredient, but include nutritional analyses as well as toxin screening.

How should I switch my dog to this food?

A gradual transition from one food to another is always recommended. Start by mixing a small amount of the daily feeding amount (25%) of the Nature's Domain™, with 75% of the previous diet for 2-3 days. Then mix 50% of each food together for 2-3 days and finally mix 75% of the Nature's Domain™ with 25% of the previous diet for a final 2-3 days.

If your dog is older or has a sensitive stomach, it might be a good idea to transition over an even longer period of time, about 2 weeks.

Do you have a puppy or kitten food?

All three of the Nature's Domain™ Dog Foods are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all stages of life. This means that you can feed this food to puppies, pregnant or nursing female dogs, adult dogs and senior dogs. Either food can be fed to all the dogs in your household.

The Nature's Domain Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Recipe for Cats is also an all life stages formula, appropriate for kittens as well as adults or seniors.

Notice that there is a feeding guide on each of the packages for puppies and adults. For pregnant or nursing females, we recommend free-choice feeding. Adjust the feeding amounts up or down as needed to keep your pet nice and lean.

Where can I buy this food?

At this time, the Nature's Domain™ Pet Foods are only available in Costco warehouses. Please check with your local Costco location to purchase the food.

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